How to Overcome the Fear in Skateboarding

Misconceptions about helmet effectiveness

Are you trembling at the thought of stepping on that skateboard, afraid you might go sprawling the moment you try to catch a ride? Listen up, folks—it’s a natural reaction! Even the greatest skateboard legends didn’t pop out of the womb kick-flipping or heel-flipping! Every master was once a novice, plagued by fear and uncertainty. But let me tell you a secret – fear might be a powerful enemy, but it’s also the best teacher if you know how to harness it. Skateboarding is not just about tricks and flips, it’s also about overcoming your fear, transforming it into adrenaline, and truly embracing the thrill of the ride. Think of it as a roller-coaster ride, but you are the one in control!

In this piece, we will walk you through the ropes of taming the inner butterflies and take you on a journey that may very well see you shredding the bowls like a pro!

Here are a few nuggets you’ll extract from this treasure trove:

  • Insight into why we fear skateboarding and how to use that fear to our advantage.
  • Practical tips and techniques to gain confidence in skateboarding.
  • Inspirational stories from professional skateboarders.
  • Personal tales of zapping fear and embracing the ride.
  • Understanding the importance of safety equipment in boosting confidence.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have turned those jitters into joyrides. So let’s roll on, and remember, every gnarly ride has its fair share of jitters but that’s where the fun fluctuates between fear and freedom! Put on your game face and allow your fears to fuel your journey to becoming a fearless skater!

Understanding the Fear of Skateboarding

Misconceptions about helmet effectiveness

Fellow trendsetters and adrenaline junkies, let’s zero in on a common devil that has curbed our ambitions from time to time – Fear. You’ve been there, so have I, staring at our gleaming new skateboard perhaps, goosebumps surfacing on our skin, a heart pounding like drumbeats in a rock concert. The Fear of Skateboarding, a peculiar deterrent, you might say. However, there’s no denying that it’s as real as the board beneath your feet. So, let’s pop this bubble of fear and cruise into the world of skateboarding with newborn confidence!

  • Getting Aquainted: Much like meeting a stranger, our first interactions with skateboarding can be awkward, intimidating even. We have shaky knees, unstable footing, and the thought of toppling over frightens us. But remember, all great bonding takes time. Every wipeout, every stumble, brings you closer to mastering the art.
  • Facing the falls: This one goes without saying; nobody enjoys a rough tumble. The fear of falling and the sting of scrapes are enough to cast a dark shadow over our passion. But as we delve deeper into the skating, we realise, each fall is but a stepping stone to perfecting our balance, honing our skills and painting a picture of sheer joy on the concrete canvas.
  • Speed, the double-edged sword: On one side, we crave the rush that speed brings, and on the other, it threatens to throw us off balance. It’s much like a fiery sprinter, exhilarating yet daunting. But let me tell you a secret, you are the puppeteer. You control the speed, command the gears, manipulate the momentum. You’re not a passenger; you’re the captain of your ship!
  • Juggling with tricks: Sometimes, it’s not the simple ride but the crowd-pleasing tricks that inspire fear. The images of aerial flips and slides may seem like climbing Everest, but hey, even the most advanced skaters started from the bottom. Step by step, trick by trick, you evolve, grow and become the showstopper you’re destined to be.
  • The public eye: Ever been embarrassed by an unsolicited audience while practising? Well, you’re not alone. The scenes of passers-by pointing, giggling or even filming our initial missteps are downright terrifying. Amidst this panic, let’s not forget, today’s jest could be tomorrow’s applause. Practice, persist, and prepare yourself to surprise them.

To sum up, fear is a part of the deal, an uncalled for partner. It’s a treacherous mountain you’ve got to scale. But trust me, once you conquer this peak, the view is nothing short of spectacular. Don’t let fear steer your journey; after all, courage isn’t the absence of fear but the triumph over it! As a final tip, remember to strap on your safety gear. A helmet on your head and knee pads can give you that reassurance you need to push forward. So grab your boards, my friends; let’s together overcome this daunting foe and roll into a future filled with exhilarating rides and stunning sunsets!

Preparing Mentally and Physically

Okay, so you’ve got your shiny new skateboard nestled under your arm, and your eyes on a sweet stretch of pavement, but there’s one problem. Your heart’s beating like a drum at a rock concert and your nerves are buzzing like bees in a soda can. Fear, my friends, is the only hurdle standing between you and your skating dreams. But don’t sweat it! With a sturdy foundation of mental and physical preparation, you’ll be mastering that board in no time!

Embarking on a skateboarding journey might feel like diving headfirst into the unknown, but certitude begins within yourself. The 54321 technique has always been my go-to. I take a deep breath, scope out five things I see, four things I can touch, three things I can hear, two things I can smell, and one thing I can taste. Crazy, right? But this sensory countdown really works to bring you back to the present moment, anchoring you into reality and quieting those runaway thoughts. Remember, fear is your mind making mountains out of molehills.

Next up is visualization, an incredible tool that has helped countless athletes, including little old me. Spend quiet moments regularly, picturing yourself performing different skating skills with precision and ease. Imagine the wind in your hair, the svelte motion of your feet, and listen closely as the thunderous applause from your imagined crowd echoes within.

However, the mental game plan is just half the battle won. Any skateboarder worth his salt would tell you that a solid fitness regime can make all the proverbial difference between a twisted ankle and a perfect ollie. I’ve found yoga to be a game-changer. It not only helped me improve my flexibility, but also boosted my mind-body connection. But hey, yoga may not be your cup of tea. Perhaps, you might find solace in hitting the gym or jogging around your neighborhood.

Now, let’s talk nutrition. Just like a car needs petrol to run, neglecting your dietary intake is akin to expecting your computer to work without any battery. Eating the right kind of food, in the right amounts, is non-negotiable. A diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, and fruits and veggies does more than just the job of keeping you filled; it’s the rocket fuel your body needs to recover from those “ouch” moments faster.

When we step onto the board and push off for the first time, it’s like being born anew. Overnight, the world transforms into an enchanting playground filled with endless challenges and endless rewards. The only essential ingredient is the courage to make that first move. Trust me, it’s truly an experience that adds a whole new dimension to your life, where the destination isn’t as important as the journey itself. And that, my friends, is the beauty of skateboarding.

Building a Solid Foundation

Skateboarding can be a pretty daunting thing to stare down; the hard concrete, the fluid unpredictability! But never fear, friends. The first step toward mastering this rad sport is making sure you build a solid foundation – literally and figuratively. It’s sort of like learning to walk before you can run, or frying an egg before you can whip up a soufflé. The aim is to provide your feet – and your confidence – a sturdy base to start from.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Skateboard Selection: Given the diversity of skateboards, picking your board of choice isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, your skateboard should fit just right. From mini-cruisers to longboards, the key is understanding your comfort and control level. Here’s a powerful tip from my personal experience – a wider board aids stability and is more forgiving to beginners.
  • Get a Grip: No, I’m not suggesting you calm down. ‘Getting a grip’ refers to mastering the art of standing on your board. Maintain a slight bend in your knees and centre your weight over the skateboard. Stance may vary from the regular (left foot forward) or goofy (right foot forward). Remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels? Feels pretty similar.
  • Pushing and Stopping: The essence of skateboard movement. Starting off, use one foot to push off (your back foot) and the other to guide the board – seems like a juggling act, right? Once master this, try stopping. No, don’t just jump off! Use the tail of your skateboard to slow down and eventually stop. Like a horse, ride the board, guide it, but also, let it guide you.
  • Tick-Tocks and Turns: This harkens back to when we’re infants, leaning to sway and toddle. Turning on a skateboard is all about shifting your weight. Lean forward for frontside turns and backward for backside ones.
  • Breaking Barriers, Not Bones: Let’s face it, falls are part and parcel of skateboarding; they’re a rite of passage! Even Tony Hawk, the skateboarding maestro himself, sports his fair share of scrapes and scars. Protective gear is not a suggestion – it’s a necessity. A helmet, elbow and knee pads are your main line of defence against the unforgiving concrete.

Building a foundation in skateboarding involves patience, practice, and perseverance. The road is long and challenging, but every time you climb back on after a fall, you’re inching closer to success. From this point of view, you’d understand why people see a skateboard as more than just a sport or a hobby; it’s a metaphor of life itself in its ups and downs, opportunities and roadblocks. So, don’t just stare, step on a board and start skating. Soon enough, you’ll be gliding and grinding like a pro.

Breaking Fear Barriers

Well, butter my biscuit, we’re about to dive into the realm of skateboarding that’s shrouded in a nebulous mist of fear. It used to have me biting my nails down to the bone– you know, the rabbit hole of ‘Breaking Fear Barriers’. I reckon we’re familiar with that sensation when the heart’s thumping like a kick drum at a punk rock concert, just thinking about stepping onto a skateboard.

It’s like standing at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a tempestuous sea, with the winds of trepidation whispering unsolicited advice into your ear. Ooohhhh, the drama of it all! But it ain’t a dance with danger, it’s a waltz with exhilaration. Now, shall we take those initial, tremulous steps together?

The cherry on top as to why skateboarding is daunting for many is the fear of falling. I mean, who in their right mind wants to be intimate with the concrete? That’s a romance novel I don’t want to write. Here’s the paradox though – sometimes you have to hit the deck to rise again, a phoenix from the ashes. Each fall is nothing but a stepping stone in the river of fear, leading you toward the majestic palace of confidence.

In my salad days, smooching the sidewalk was a jarring experience, but slowly it found a comfortable place in the confounding jigsaw puzzle of skateboarding. Eventually, learning the art of gracefully kissing the ground (an idiosyncratic form of self-expression) became a confidence booster in itself. And wouldn’t you know it, those fears gradually shrunk, timid as a church mouse.

Equipping yourself with the right mindset can be as critical as strapping on your helmet and knee pads. Skateboarding is a sport, yes, but it’s also a whisper directly from the soul of the cosmos meant to test your fortitude. The gravitational pull drawing you into this adrenaline-laden vortex is a symphony. All you’ve got to do is listen to the music and write your own lyrics.

Ultimately, imagine yourself as the sunflower in the concrete jungle, rising tall against the odds and swaying with the rhythm of life. Leap towards uncertainty, because let me tell ya – Unpredictability is the secret ingredient to the spicy burrito of skateboarding. It’s evident as daylight that breaking the fear barrier may seem like scaling Mount Everest in flip flops. But hey, conquer that beast, and you’re the monarch of your universe.

Progressing at Your Own Pace

I remember my first encounter with a skateboard, a crusty old board that was hidden among dust-balls and forgotten relics in my uncle’s attic. I was all of ten with knees that barely spanned the width of the deck and a heart that fluttered like a hummingbird at the sight of it. Now, looking back? Jeez, this convoluted journey seems awfully similar to the maze of life. There are fears to conquer, dizzying peaks to scale, and (let’s face it) tons of scraped knees to nurse.

One crucial lemma in the grand theorem of skateboarding? Progressing at your own pace. True as the sun’s path across the sky. There’s no tunnel visioned race, no imaginary finish line. All you got is the asphalt beneath your wheels, the wind teasing your hair, and your treasured board being an extension of your very soul.

Let’s break down this ‘Progressing at Your Own Pace’ idea in the context of skateboarding:

  • Understanding Your Skill Level: The first time I stood on that skateboard, I fell flatter than a pancake on a sizzling griddle. Anything but a smooth start. However, what’s crucial here is the realization that each one of us starts at a different point, and it’s perfectly okay! Recognize your skill level, embrace your beginner status. After all, even Tony Hawk was a beginner once.
  • Setting Personal Goals: After identifying where you stand, carve out some personal milestones. Want to master the ollie? Excellent! Yearning to conquer a particularly gnarly downhill slope in your neighborhood? Go for it! Just remember, these are YOUR goals, shaped by your abilities and aspirations, not molded by society’s expectations or peer pressure.
  • Embracing Mistakes: Mistakes? Heck, you’ll have your fair share – remember my anecdote about kissing the ground more times than I can count? Owning those boo-boos makes you a better skater. In skateboarding, as in life, every tumble is a lesson and every scar a medal.
  • Celebrating Achievements: When you do stick that landing or manage a half-decent kickflip, allow yourself a round of applause. No, I don’t mean standing on your rooftop with a giant megaphone. But do give yourself a pat on the back, symbolically if not literally.
  • Remembering to Enjoy: Amid the chaos of learning tricks and trying not to faceplant, don’t lose sight of why you started skateboarding: the sheer, unadulterated joy of it.

Through the years, I’ve learned that skateboarding isn’t about threading through flaming hoops or cracking forlorn records. It’s about evolving with every ride, savouring the wind nipping at your face, and freeing your spirit from the frazzling cords of mundanity. It’s about progressing at your own pace, on your own path, in your own breathlessly unique style.

Utilizing Protective Gear

Ah, protective gear! The unsung heroes of the skateboarding world. Being a boarder myself, I’ve kissed the concrete more times than I’d like to admit, buddy. One thing I’ve learned? It’s not just about nailing the tricks; it’s about strolling into the skate park knowing you’ve got the right armor to keep your bones intact.

So here’s the real deal; when you’re getting ready to sweep onto the pavement with your board, protective gear should be your best friend. Let’s go through some critical pieces you should always have secured snugly on your body before you make that jump.

  • Helmets : Picture it like the shield of your brain castle. It’s non-negotiable, alright? Helmets prevent serious injuries and, trust me, gravity can be a cruel mistress. Find ones certified by agencies, so you know they’re top-notch.
  • Wrist guards : You’re gonna take a tumble at some point. It’s part and parcel of the sport. Wrist guards absorb the impact and prevent sprains and fractures. Wearing them feels a little like spelling out “I’m a newbie,” but hey, even seasoned pros wear ’em.
  • Knee and Elbow Pads: Your knees and elbows? They’re your shock absorbers when you crash. With proper pads, you’ll bounce back faster than a cat on a hot tin roof.
  • Skateboarding Shoes : Ah, my favorite part! The right shoes can make all the difference between a clean kickflip and kissing the pavement. I remember when I first wore my skate shoes, it was love at first slide.

It’s good to remember that no matter how much gear you’ve got on, it’s all about how you wear it. Tight enough to stay on, loose enough to let blood circulate. Alright, enough with the ramble! Remember, shredding the streets on a board might be thrilling, but safety should always ride shotgun, pals. Don’t view these protective gears as barriers to your freedom. Rather, see them like your sidekick, always watching your back in tricky situations. Now go on, go rule that skate park!

Learning from Others

When you’re a fresh-faced newbie in the world of skateboarding, the entire endeavor can be a bit intimidating. The twists, turns, flips, and falls all seem so precarious. But hold your horses, or shall we say, hold your deck! Becoming a pro at skateboarding is a journey that teaches you not only the gravity-defying tricks but also resilience and patience. A large part of this learning journey involves observing and absorbing the skills from seasoned skaters. On that note, let’s dive right into how learning from others can help diminish your fear of skateboarding.

Just one glance around the skate park can open your eyes to a myriad of creative approaches to skateboarding. It’s like a silent film playing out on asphalt where everyone’s bound by the common thread of multicolored wheels and dynamic descents. From mastering kick flips to achieving the perfect stance, watching others can provide real-time demonstrations that are worth thousands of words in ‘How-to’ manuals. Plus, watching fellow skaters take a tumble and bounce right back can motivate you to keep going and not let a few bumps bruise your spirit.

The ability to mirror and replicate the movements of skateboarding experts is a skill in itself. In a way, it’s a unique dance, carefully picking each step until it’s a part of your repertoire. As the saying goes, “Monkey see, monkey do” or in our case, “Skater sees, skater does”.

Everyone has a unique skate style, it’s like their very own signature move. What’s so compelling is how watching others can help you develop your own style. Some like the whip of the wind as they speed down the slope while others prefer the quiet mastery of a manual. You can pick what resonates with you and build on it.

An often overlooked aspect of learning from others is their attitude towards fear. How they overcome fear can be a real eye-opener and guide you in your journey. The world of skateboarding is filled with brave pioneers who’ve taken the path less traveled, showing you can conquer your fears and ride high.

Lastly, in the face of apparent failure, experienced skateboarders are adept at transforming a stumble into a smooth move. Observing these instances allows you to see every slip not as an embarrassing blunder, but as a learning opportunity to correct yourself.

At a glance, here’s what you can gain from learning from others in skateboarding:

  • Observing and understanding different tricks
  • Real-time demonstration of maneuvers
  • Motivation from fellow skaters’ resilience
  • Developing your own unique skate style
  • Overcoming fear by watching other’s bravery
  • Learning to transform mistakes into smooth moves

My advice, dear aspiring skateboarder, is to be like a sponge. Soak up the atmosphere, motion, and emotion that flows around you at the skate park. It’s like the best action-packed classroom there is. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Pay attention, practice, and above all, learn from others. Then suddenly, one day, you’re the one doing an ollie, and there’s a new kid on the block watching you in awe. Trust me, I’ve been there, and the feeling is pretty darn good.

Staying Persistent and Resilient

Skateboarding, my friends, is a rollercoaster ride; a journey where we fall, rise, and ultimately soar. It is a sport that’s a delightful symphony of daredevilry, grace, and freewheeling freedom, yet it can also strike a chord of fear in beginners. What’s essential is to remember that skateboarding, much like a wild stallion, needs to be taken by the reins with fearlessness, persistence, and resilience.

Embrace Your Fear

Sounds wild, doesn’t it? But, let me pitch in from my personal experience, wrapping your fear into a metaphorical ball and tossing it aside won’t help. Instead, when you feel the fear creeping up your veins, acknowledge it, embrace it, and then show it, who’s the boss! Use it as a propeller for your even stronger determination rather than a pitfall. It’s the kind of feeling that starts in your gut but ends up giving you wings.

Learn From Your Falls

Skateboarding is a mosaic full of scraped knees and sprained ankles. It’s like a dance where every stumble, every fall is a step closer to that perfect rhythm. As a gnarly veteran of countless spills, I can vouch that every bruise and abrasion I’ve earned were my badges of honor, my silent teachers. Each fall, every failure, has been a lesson plan in persistence.

Set Realistic Goals

Equating your initial steps to a professional skateboarder and expecting miraculous results is akin to fighting windmills – it’s a losing battle folks! The secret potion is setting doable targets, breaking down big dreams into small, achievable pieces. Go slow, be patient, and step by step, you’ll traverse the seeming mountain.

Celebrate Small Victories

The first successful ollie, the first grind, or even the first smooth ride without losing balance, are all victories despite their size. Every step forward, and every accomplishment, no matter how small, is a testament to your resilience and should be celebrated. It’s like filling your motivation tank for the long haul.

Form a Support Network

Yes, it’s your journey, your ride, but having cheerleaders by your side is always uplifting. Surround yourself with those who lift you up, friends who nurse your wounds and motivate you to get back on the board. Seek support in your community, it can really be a booster!

So, let’s grab our boards, chase the horizon, and remember, it’s the grit that always gets the glory. Skate on with persistence and resilience, and let fear be the fuel for your journey forward.

Having Fun and Enjoying the Journey

First off, let’s remember, every pro skater was once a scared beginner. Fear is like an unwanted hitchhiker, always trying to halt the ride. When we start, we’re not skating against others, but against that gnawing fear, our own worst enemy. But as I gradually learned to control the movement, balance my weight, the fear gradually subsided and was replaced with a hunger, an ambition to learn more.

You know what made the difference? Fun. I started to enjoy the process. I reveled in the smallest successes, the first time I didn’t fall off, the first time I landed a simple trick, and I even started to laugh at my own wipeouts. Not only did this mindset make me fearless, but my progress on the board was extraordinary.

Skateboarding is like a wild dance between control and chaos. The joy in skateboarding comes not just from pulling off wicked tricks—it’s the journey itself, the process of learning, of pushing your boundaries, of picking up yourself after a tumble, dusting off and trying again. It’s about tasting the rush of wind against your cheek, the heartbeat drumming in your ears, the echoes of your wheels against the pavement. My friends, that’s the magical symphony that awaits you in the world of skateboarding.

In my honest opinion, to skate is to live poetry in motion. It’s about falling in love with the journey, the struggle, the triumph. So, next time you’re on your board, and fear raises its ugly head, remember – You’re not learning to skate, you’re learning to dance with your fears, one graceful slide at a time.

So, pop on those sneakers, step on that board and feel the world rush by. Embrace the art of falling and rising, laugh at your fear and keep rolling. After all, skateboarding is hardly a destination; it’s an utterly thrilling, beautifully chaotic journey. As skaters, we’re not chasing perfection; we’re chasing the satisfaction of conquering our fear, quelling the storm in our minds and kissing the freedom and exhilaration of the ride. In conclusion, let’s not fear skateboarding, let’s live it, enjoy it, and most importantly, have bucket loads of fun along the way.


How can I overcome my fear of skateboarding?

The first step is to slowly expose yourself to skateboarding. This might mean just standing on a stationary skateboard to get comfortable with the feeling. Gradually add in more and more challenging activities as your comfort level grows. It’s important to gradually push your boundaries, but always ensure that you feel safe.

What are some tools to help mitigate fear when first beginning to skateboard?

Protective gears such as helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards can help to mitigate your fear by reducing the risk of injury. It’s also helpful to practice on softer surfaces like grass or carpet before trying on harder surfaces like pavements.

What should I do if I fall while skateboarding?

Falling is a part of learning. When you do fall, try to roll with it and avoid breaking your fall with your hands, as this could result in injury. Remember, each fall is a learning experience to improve your balance and techniques.

Why am I scared to skate fast?

Speed can be daunting when skateboarding because you’re moving without something secure to hold onto. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more confident. Practicing your balance and control at slower speeds will reduce your fear when you do start to skate faster.

I’m scared of doing skate tricks. How do I overcome this?

Start by learning simple tricks before advancing to more complicated ones. Watch videos or get advice from more experienced skaters. Practice makes perfect, so put time into practicing and never rush. As your skill improves, you’ll gain confidence.

Why am I scared of skateboarding downhill?

Skateboarding downhill can be intimidating due to the speed and the challenge of maintaining control. Start with a gentle slope and get acquainted with controlling your speed and balance, then gradually move on to steeper hills as your confidence grows.

Does fear of skateboarding mean it’s just not for me?

Not at all. Fear is part of the learning process in any new adventurous activity. It might just take you a little more time before you get comfortable. The key here is patience and persistence.

How can I deal with fear of skateboarding in front of people?

It’s completely natural to feel self-conscious or nervous when starting out. Try to find a quiet place to practice until you feel more confident. Remember, everyone had to start somewhere and most people will respect you for trying something new and challenging.

Are there any mental techniques to reduce fear when skateboarding?

Yes, visualization and breathing exercises can really help. By visualizing yourself successfully skateboarding, you’re training your brain for success. Deep breathing can help you stay calm and focused. Finally, remind yourself that it’s OK to make mistakes and it’s all a part of the learning process.

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